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Planetary Management, Really?

Planetary Management Systems, Inc. provides the software, applications, utilities and components for its overall Planetary Management System. The Planetary Management System (PMS) was designed in conjunction with Rational Data International’s, Planetary Solution Model (PSM).

Planetary Management Systems, Inc. is a third ring partner within the Rational Data Industry Model’s family of companies. Our purpose is to provide the basic components for planetary management to governments, organizations and companies throughout the world.

Our Mission

The RDI mission has been to resolve the current systemic and exacerbatory issues by setting in place a new set of systems that accomplish this and will also work into the foreseeable future in terms of their scope. We accomplish this by creating a new set of infrastructures, a new level playing field and along with this provide tools and instruments that empower people to realize higher states of being like: peace, plenitude, unity, happiness and love for all the people of planet Earth and beyond.

This took us to build macrostructural frameworks that are inclusive of an inter-dimensional, inter-stellar and inter-planetary reality, as well as the current and foreseeable future realities of our home planet, Earth. It is on this foundation that the Planetary Management System is built.

With Help From the Galactic Neighborhood ...

Characters from the We Are One Series explain how to do planetary management

As if visiting from another world, hmmm, I don't know ...

To provide context for the Planetary Management Systems, Inc. product and service offerings the PMS fits within a larger picture of solution models that look at planet Earth from a universal perspective almost as if we were visitors from another species far across the galaxy.

On our first visit here we ask a number of questions like: How does this species manage their planetary resources? Have they optimized planetary resources at the cost of other species? Or, have they maintained a balance in life systems and physical systems?

The answers to these questions and others would tell us much about the Human Species prudence in managing their own planet as well as making a statement about the species itself.

Our Solution Models, Technologies, Products and Services

The Context for the Planetary Management System (PMS)

RDI developed the Universal Solution Model (USM) and the many classes of solution models, management sytems and understanding models, attached to these are hardware, software, and biological ecosystems within which there are a number of products and services.

The USM overarches all of these. Our products and sevices range from informaiton products to physical hardare and software. The solution models that we have developed provide a working set of blueprints designed to bring peace, possibility, plenitude, and the realization of "States of Being" like happiness and love for the all the inhabitants of the Earth and beyond.

As idealistic as this sounds we need to remind ourselves of the quote found in the Declaration of Independence for the the United States, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness." And, Jefferson's statement, "for this reason govenments are established."

Our solution models and management systems address both systemic and exacerbatory issues found in the world today. The Planetary Management System is one of these.

Our solution models go beyond a set of solutions for problems in todays world, by setting forth a new framework for a new Golden Age to be realized and expanded into for humanity. One that is inter-dimensional, inter-stellar and inter-planetary.

It introduces solutions that include a planetary management system, a new form of government, new institutional models and a new set of technologies to accomplish this mission. .

Textbook and Databases

Planetary Management Textbook & Databases

We wrote the book on Planetary Management Systems. The PMS is based on the macrostructural frameworks that RDI has developed,  One of the first issues in realizing planetary management is having the political consensus to achieve it. Learn how we do this.

Yes, we actually wrote the textbook on planetary management systems! It is a broad topic that covers a large number of subjects, below are just a few of these.

• Macrosystems and Microsystems in Planetary Management

• Introduction to Quantitative Analysis in Planetary Systems

• Introduction to Self-Organizing Systems

• Introduction to Planetary Operations and Event Management

• Introduction to Planetary Operations and Disaster preparedness

• Introduction to Principles of Planetary Operations

• Classifications of Systemic Causes and in Exacerbated and Stable Systems

Our Vision, Join Us, Build With Us!

How do we achieve planetary management?

One of the points the Alturians made at the inter-planetary conference on Eturia was that a planet must achieve consent from the majority of parties on a planet to implement an effective planetary management system. (C.F., the Sci-fi genre, We Are One movie and series)

Planetary Management Systems, Inc. in conjunction with RDI's new framework provides the foundation for a planetary management system to exist. Underneath this is the Virtual Global Nation, which is a government of the people, by the people, for all the people on planet Earth This system provides the planetary citizen with standing on a planetary level.


From the Bridge of the StarShip Pegasus

Imagine What is Involved ...

Imagine what would be involved in building a planetary management system, you would need to model and monitor the many varieties of planetary systems. But planetary management goes far beyond this, because it deals with the delicate balance of a large variety of life systems, physical systems, and multi-dimensional impact of one species on another.

Databases and Dashboards

A large number of databases support data collection which is then monitored on a multitude of dashboards where threshold points, boundary conditions, state change dynamics, and systemic amplification dynamics are recorded and observed.

With this comes moral and ethical decisions about the nature of life itself, and the existential rights of the many species that live on the planet. There are a multitude of metrics for making these kinds of decisions. The PMS draws these metrics from the Center for Neoscience and the Center for Existential Rights.


I have a vision of a time when humanity as a whole, can realize higher states of being, entering into a time of peace, plenitude, happiness and love. And from this place step boldly out into the universe while we reach for the stars. To achieve this, we need to realize these states of being within ourselves individually, and we need to create the structural conditions for this to emerge on a planetary scale and beyond. This means putting a PMS in place.

It Is Our Hope ...

That in explaining all of this, that you will reach the comfort level that is necessary for you to join us in this mission to bring humanity into a new Golden Age where we can peacefully step out into the universe and reach step after step to the stars..

What We Built

Because our mission has been to resolve the current systemic and exacerbatory issues by setting in place a new set of systems that accomplish this.

We needed to make them work for now and into the foreseeable future both in size and scope. This took us to building frameworks that are inclusive of an inter-dimensional, inter-stellar and inter-planetary reality, as well as the current and foreseeable future realities of our home planet,.

Back on Planet Earth, Planetary Management Systems, Inc. and RDI built solution models and management systems  that work in conjunction with  a SMB level of businesses and organizations. as well as the enterprise level These models  are inclusive of our Semantic Web, Data Grid and  IoT architectures.

A Longlasting Set of Solutions ...

As jefferson so eloquently wrote in the Declaration of Independence for the United States of America, "...all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." In other words, the goal here was to create a durable system that could withstand the test of time, by designing solution models that will work on the planetary scale, but will also function far beyond this into the inter-planetary, inter-stellar and inter-dimensional realms.

This meant starting with as universal perspective, in so far as we are able within the realm of our current experience, knowledge and understanding, while building mechanisms into the models for self-refinement and self-transformational capabilities to ensure resilience and adaptability.

Solution Models, Management Systems, Organizations, Eco-systems, Products and Services Taking us to a New Golden Age ...


The evolution of humankind has been marked from the stone ages by new lands, improvements in tool use, and new forms of governance, from the tribal systems of the past to more contemporary governmental models. These three components in large part have delineated the steps forward and backward in the evolutionary paths of human civilizations.

A Universal Perspective

Introducing a New Golden Age for Humanity.

The Universal Solution Model (USM) and the Planetary Solution Model (PSM) deal with a large array of systemic or "root cause" issues that have to do with infrastructure, definition of existential rights (rights of existence), governance models, institutional models, and check and balance systems.

The USM sets an overall framework for interplanetary and planetary solutions from a universal perspective, for current times and into the foreseeable future. It delineates rights classes, land classes, solution model classes, currency classes, citizenship classes and more. Taken as a whole, it provides social impact in standards of living, means of production, sustainability, economic growth, economic opportunity, and more.

The PSM consists of new kind of governance, a new way to manage the planet, and a new technology called the third generation web, which consists of a full-motion, drive-through internet, a semantic layer and a data grid layer which open up a whole new information universe, and a new digital economy. The PSM provides social impact in standards of living, means of production, sustainability, economic growth, economic opportunity, economic possibility, and more.

Segment Specific Solution Models (SSSM) are designed to solve specific issues in medicine, energy, the environment and more, leveraging third generation web technology. These stand-alone solution models carry their own definable social impact for enhancing and increasing standards of living for people around the world. They are designed to leverage the collective knowledge, wisdom, experience and understanding (CKWEU) of a global population to solve problems in areas of food security, access to clean water, clean energy, medical care, and more.

Management Systems provide a way to deal with exacerbatory issues within the macrostructural environment once the new infrastructure is put in place.. They provide ongoing safety, security, stability and sustainability for their respective application areas, whether they are at the local or planetary scale.

In general, management systems are designed to regulate systems that work within infrastructure models. They are designed to minimize exacerbatory issues in multi-dimensional systems. They leverage the n-dimensional technology found in the third generation web.


Solution models form the framework for the scope of application they are designed for, management systems provide the mechanisms to provide safety, security, and stability within that framework, this then translates through to organizations, ecosystems and to the products and services within them.

Each level of solution model starting with the Universal Solution Model (USM) down through the different classes of solution models have this basic architecture.

Solution models in effect are the bridge that takes us forward to a new time in human history, by setting up frameworks to better solve current issues. They do this by putting new frameworks in place. These broader scoped frameworks then allow us to take one step and then another into a fulfilling and expansive future.

The Virtual Global Nation

Planetary Management Systems, Inc.
Rational Data International, Inc.
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Joining the Virtual Global Nation carries with it many benefits these include becoming part of a new planetary economy, health benefits as a citizen, voting and more.